Dr Lachlan Gray

Deputy Lab Head
Centre for Biomedical Research
Burnet Institute

+61 4 1614 8377

Research Activities

Dr Lachlan Gray is Deputy Lab Head of the HIV Neuropathogeneis Laboratory at the Burnet Institute and Monash University. A molecular virologist, his research interests include determining how HIV enters cells of the immune system with a focus on how HIV enters cells within the brain, how HIV replicates within brain cells, how HIV infection of the brain leads to HIV dementia, and the effects of antiviral drugs that target virus entry in the brain. After completing his Bachelor of Science with Honours degree at Melbourne University and the Burnet Institute in 2003, under the supervision of Professor Paul Gorry, Dr Gray then undertook a Research Assistant position in 2004 at Burnet, in the same laboratory. In 2005 he commenced his PhD in Professor Paul Gorry’s Lab under the co-supervision of Associate Professor Melissa Churchill, which he completed in 2009. Dr Gray commenced his postdoctoral training at Monash University and the Burnet Institute in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Steve Wesselingh.


- Technically competent to work under PC2 and PC3 based lab settings
- Extensive expertise in a wide range of molecular biology techniques, protocols and equipment, including but not limited to, the following:
  • -  DNA and RNA work
  • -  Cell culture work with cell lines and primary cells involving competent aseptic technique
  • -  Transfections
  • -  Western blotting
  • -  PCR involving triple nested ultra-sensitive techniques
  • -  Mutagenesis
  • -  Recombinant DNA techniques involving plasmids, restriction digests, ligations
  • -  Radiation work involving oligo and PCR labelling
  • -  Gel electrophoresis involvin
  • -  Laser Capture Microdissection


Prof Sharon Lewin
Prof Steve Wesselingh
Prof Paul Gorry
A/Prof Damian Purcell
Prof Bruce Brew
A/Prof Gilda Tachedjian
Prof Suzanne Crowe
Prof Anothony Cunningham
Dr Andy Poumbourios
Dr Paul Ramsland
Dr Stuart Turville

Disease Models

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
HIV-associated dementia (HAD)

Other Lab Members

A/Prof Melissa Churchill
Wan-Jung Cheng
Emma Roberts
Mark Bruynen
Dr Jacqueline Flynn
Jingling Zhou
Dr Paula Ellenberg

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 23

    IgV Winter Seminar

    The Leveson
  • Jun 26

    Australian Society for Parasitology 2017 annual conference

  • Jun 27

    EMBO-EMBL Symposium: New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology