Dr Gillian Coakley

Research Fellow
Immunology and Pathology
Monash University


Research Activities

My key interest resides in the function of eosinophils in both helminth infection and under homeostatic conditions. Primarily, I am researching the role of eosinophils in facilitating both tissue repair and immune cell regulation under these conditions. Eosinophillia presents itself as a key feature during helminth infection in both humans and rodents. In recent years, it is becoming more apparent that eosinophils may play a more complex role during infection, other than supporting larval killing and subsequent worm clearance (where in some instances, they may be dispensible in this role).


Preparation, isolation and quantitation of extracellular vesicles
Strong experience in ex vivo and in vitro cell culture
Establishment of ex vivo small intestinal organoid culture and imaging
Experience of RNA biology e.g. extraction, qRTPCR, transfection and microarray
Experience of protein biology e.g. immunoprecipitation and LC-MS/MS
Familiarity with both flow cytometry and confocal microscopy
Conducting in vivo mouse model research including parasite lifecycle maintenance 

Disease Models

Helminth infection

Genetically Modified Organisms

Mice - ST2 KO, IL-5 transgenic, dblGATA KO

Research Images

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