Mr. Maizbha Uddin Ahmed

PhD student
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Monash University

Research Activities

  • Conceptual development of antimicrobial pharmacology
  • Mammalian cell cultures and design of experiments
  • Toxicity assessment of antimicrobials in mammalian cell culture using flow cytometry and analysis of data using FlowJo.
  • Intracellular localisation of drugs using confocal and fluorescence microscopy and image analysis with Fiji ImageJ and Imaris.
  • Generating results using mathematical calculations, and computations
  • Compiling data following research experiments, analysing data, writing scientific reports
  • Publishing research articles in international journals in antimicrobial pharmacology


Cell culture Lung epithelial cells, human kidney tubular cells, mouse kidney cells, macrophages and neutrophil cell culture, Immunohistochemistry

Flow Cytometry
BD FACSCanto, NovoCyte, FlowJo

Confocal Microscopy
Leica SP8 inverted

Fluorescence Microscopy
Leica DMi8, Evos Auto

Image Analysis Software
ImageJ, Imaris

Statistical Software
GraphPad Prism

Biocyc, David, String, IDEOM, MetaboAnalyst 3.0

Disease Models

Mouse lung infection model

Genetically Modified Organisms


Other Lab Members

Mr Ahmed Elsayed
Dr Yan Zhu

Research Images

Upcoming Events

  • Mar 24

    World Tuberculosis Day

  • Mar 25

    ABCD7 - 7th Australian B Cell Dialogue

    Walter + Eliza Hall Institute MORE INFO
  • Apr 13

    29th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases