A/Prof Sarah Spencer

Laboratory Head
School of Health and Biomedical Sciences
Nossal Institute for Global Health

+61 3 9925 7745

Research Activities

metabolism, stress, inflammation, satiety signalling, early life programming of the obese brain


Behavioural cognitive testing; Transgenic rat models; CLARITYRt_PCR, WB, IHC, ELISAs etc. 

Disease Models

Obesity and metabolic disruption after neonatal overfeeding; Obesity and metabolic disruption after high fat diet; Neuroimmune dysregulation after transgenic microglial depletion (rats)

Genetically Modified Organisms

CX3CR1-DTR rat

Other Lab Members

Dr Luba Sominsky
Guohui Cai
Simone de Luca
Ilvana Ziko
Alita Soch
Bashirah Basri
Madeleine Di Natale

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 22

    Malaria Experimental Genetics workshop

    Mahidol University Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand MORE INFO
  • Apr 29

    International Day of Immunology

  • May 7

    VIIN Careers Evening 2018

    Woodward Conference Centre MORE INFO