Eureka Prize awarded to VIIN Researchers

28 August 2015


Congratulations to VIIN Researchers on winning the 2015 Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre Eureka Prize for Infectious Diseases Research. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute research team led by Dr Marc Pellegrini received the award for development of a new hepatitis B treatment, combining an anti-cancer drug with antiviral therapies.

The treatment has shown great promise during preclinical trials and phase 1/2a clinical trials are now underway here in Victoria.

1 - Eureka Prize finalist 2015

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Eureka Prize-winning team: (Front, L-R) Dr Cody Allison, Dr Marc Pellegrini and Mr Simon Preston. (Back, L-R) Mr Michael Stutz, Mr James Cooney, Dr Greg Ebert and Mr Jesse Toe (Photo credit: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

For more details:

YouTube video of the Pellegrini/Ebert prize entry:


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