VIIN endorses a Joint Statement on the Health Industry in Victoria

26 September 2018


In the lead-up to the Victorian State election, the Victorian Infection and Immunity Network has endorsed a Joint Statement on the Health Industry in Victoria.

Led by the BioMelbourne Network and its CEO, Dr Krystal Evans, this statement puts forward the case for the health industry being an economic priority for Victoria and that a whole-of-government economic development strategy for the health industry is needed.

Our State has world-leading competitive advantages in the health industry, which encompasses health and medical research, biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, digital health, healthcare delivery, global health and health services.  Accelerating growth of Victoria's health industry will generate economic benefits and bring healthcare solutions to patients faster.

Together with the industry peak bodies listed below, the VIIN calls on all parties contesting the 2018 state election to adopt positions that recognise and develop the health industry as an economic priority for Victoria:

  • AAMRI (Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes)
  • ANDHealth (Australia's National Digital Health Initiative)
  • ARCS Australia
  • AusBiotech
  • Biomedical Research Victoria
  • Global Health Alliance Melbourne
  • Medicines Australia
  • Medical Technology Association of Victoria
  • Research Australia


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