Dr Bradley Spicer

Postdoctoral Fellow
Monash University


Research Activities

Understanding the function of pore forming proteins in immunity and as evolutionary defences


Cryo-EM, Crystallography, Protein chemistry, Biochemistry, Membrane Attack Complex, Pore forming proteins

Genetically Modified Organisms

Human complement proteins and variants thereof

Other Lab Members

A/Prof Michelle Dunstone

Other members with similar research interests

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A/Prof Bruce Loveland

Centre for Biomedical Research Burnet Institute SEE FULL PROFILE >

A/Prof Anna Roujeinikova

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A/Prof Fasseli Coulibaly

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Monash University SEE FULL PROFILE >

Upcoming Events

  • Jul 5

    Annual Meeting for the Australian Society for Microbiology 2020

    Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre MORE INFO
  • Jul 6

    10th International Symposium for Fish Parasitology and Australian Society for Parasitology Annual Co

    Shangri-La Hotel Cairns MORE INFO
  • Jul 28

    World Hepatitis Day