The Hartland Oration 2022

4 October 2021


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As VIIN Co-Convenor, Professor Elizabeth Hartland had key roles in co-convening the Lorne Infection and Immunity Conferences (2011-2017), the VIIN Industry Alliance (2012-2014) and the VIIN Young Investigator Symposia (2009 – 2016).  Together with Co-Convenor Professor Paul Hertzog, Liz oversaw the roll-out of VIIN’s new website, its increasing presence on social media, implementation of the VIIN’s annual careers evenings (2013-2017) and numerous other initiatives.

In honour of Liz’s contribution to VIIN, the network is delighted to announce that the awardee of the best VIIN Young Investigator Symposium ECR talk will deliver the Hartland Oration at the Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference in 2018 and onward.  This outstanding young researcher will receive free registration to the Lorne Conference and $500 toward their accommodation, meals and transport.

Professor Hartland says:

I am very proud of the momentum and support that we have created for infection and immunity research over the last several years. Our inclusive policy means that every researcher, from junior to senior levels, with an interest in infection and immunity can enjoy interactions with their peers at relaxed and social events, thereby building their own networks. To see the Lorne Infection and Immunity meeting become a national meeting is also very satisfying. We couldn’t do this without the support of our member organizations and I remain very grateful for their ongoing contributions.

With Professor Hartland stepping down as VIIN Co-Convenor, the network is excited to announce that Associate Professor Heidi Drummer, VIIN Executive Member for the Burnet Institute will be VIIN’s new Co-Convenor with Paul Hertzog. For a full listing of VIIN Executive Committee members, see here.

Hartland Orators:

2022: Dr Ebony A Monson, La Trobe University, Analysis of the Dynamics and Composition of Lipid Droplets During Viral Infection

2021: Dr Niall D Geoghegan, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Quantitative 4D microscopy of P.falciparum invasion of erythrocytes 

2020: Dr Stephen W Scally,  The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Structural studies of human antibody responses against leading malaria vaccine antigen PfCSP. 

2019: Dr Martin Davey, Monash University, Adaptive immune surveillance by human γδ T cells in microbial infection.

2018: Dr Angela Pizzolla, University of Melbourne, Nasal tissue resident memory CD8+ T cells prevent pulmonary influenza A virus infection.

The Hartland Oration is one of two prestigious orations at the Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference, with the Hertzog Oration recognising the other founding co-convenor of VIIN, Prof Paul Hertzog:  For information about the Lorne Infection and Immunity conference, please see here:

Photo credit: Linda Peake, Hudson Institute of Medical Research.


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