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Free patent searching trial from Watermark for VIIN members

Expires   30 June 2017

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The information below relates to a free patent searching trial that is now on offer to VIIN members until 30 June 2017.


In May 2016 the VIIN and Watermark  collaborated to provide the Bridging the Gap workshops.  The workshops provided information about intellectual property, licensing and freedom-to-operate with the aim of helping researchers successfully pitch their ideas to industry. 

One aspect of the workshops was to convey to researchers that the landscape within which they conduct research is broader than what is published in journal articles.  That is, published patents represent a body of technical information that is usually overlooked by researchers. Given the increasing focus on commercialisation and industry engagement, an awareness of patents is essential.  Being aware of patents will have a similar benefit to reviewing newly published journal articles in that it will help guide research. Reviewing patents will also provide additional benefits, such as enabling:

·         identification of commercial partners, collaborators and/or potential investors;

·         drafting more robust grant applications which require or involve industry engagement;

·         risk minimisation by avoiding spending unnecessary time and money on research already conducted; and

·         cost savings should it be necessary to file a patent application in the future.

Ideally, researchers should be reviewing patents to support their research as a matter of course and not only because industry engagement might be an outcome.   However, while  patent literature can be accessed using various online search engines (e.g. Google patents), the reality is that patent searching is complicated and can be time consuming. 

Patent Searching Service

To address researchers needs, Watermark has developed a low cost patent searching service that can provide fastcomprehensive and regular ongoing access to patent documents relevant to an area of research that might otherwise be missed. 

The searching service aims to assist researchers ‘bridge the knowledge gap’, as well as to facilitate interactions between researchers and commercialisation managers and/or industry partners.

Want more information?

Further information and contact details can be found in a flyer provided by Watermark.  Please email for a copy.


Heavily discounted ELISA kits

Expires   31 December 2017

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VIIN is excited to announce that it has again arranged with Melbourne-based to provide highly discounted ELISA kits to VIIN. has been a strong supporter of the Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference

VIIN encourages its members to take advantage of this exciting offer to save on lab expenses for a commonly used product while also helping VIIN create a new funding source to benefit our members.

Details of the program: kits are currently available for $250 (or $195 each if three or more are purchased). VIIN Members receive an additional discount of $25 off each kit.  To obtain this special price, simply order directly through (, phone 1 300 ELISAK) and tell them you are a VIIN Member.  Orders may be placed by P.O. or credit card.  Price excludes GST and shipping.

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Download a flyer >

About kits is a Melbourne-based company supported by a grant from the Federal Government’s “Commercialisation Australia” start-up scheme. has a mandate under this program to support Australian biomedical research by providing high quality, low cost ELISA kits.  All kits are manufactured in Australia and are rigorously tested to provide performance comparable to, or exceeding that of leading international brands.  The company’s product list and additional information, can be found at:  The website has feedback from Australian scientists who have evaluated their kits.


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