Prof Mark Hogarth

Centre for Biomedical Research
Burnet Institute

Research Activities

Structure, function, genetic, immunological and whole animal analysis of antibody effector systems in particular the interaction between antibodies and Fc receptors in inflammation and immunity, resistance to infection, autoimmunity.
Analysis of patient samples in blood cancers and in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and animal models of disease.
Development of monoclonal antibodies in particular therapeutic antibodies and the development of small chemical entities for the treatment of disease.
Analysis of cell surface molecules of leukocytes.
We are currently developing studies in dengue fever and bacterial infection. New programmes include genomic and proteomic analysis of cell membranes for the discovery of new molecules as potential therapeutic targets in infection autoimmunity and cancer and mucosal immunology


Monoclonal antibody production and engineering; protein expression even microbial, insect and mammalian expression systems; protein chemistry and X-ray crystallography; cell membrane analysis; mutagenesis; transfection retroviral gene transfer, general immunological techniques;


Gary Peltz (Stanford University, Palo Alto) gene expression analysis
Tony Polverino antibody development (Amgen Seattle)
Niki Vasquez (Elan Pharmrceuticals San Francisco) Receptor structure Multiple Sclerosis
Caroline Tan(Jakarta)-Dengue fever
John Cambier (National Jewish and Medical Research Centre Colorado) immunology and leukocytes signalling
Ian Wicks(WEHI)- rheumatoid arthritis
Andrew Spencer (Alfred) -myeloma
Heddy Zola (Adelaide)
Nick Hoogenrad (Latrobe)
Derek Hart (ANZAC Institute, U of Sydney )
Deon Venter (Mater Hospital)-cell surface discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies
John Frazer(New Zealand) bacterial virulence factors

Disease Models

Active and passive models of autoimmunity in particular arthritis (collagen induced arthritis, pristane induced arthritis, anti collagen II antibody, KRN model arthritis)
Allergy and Asthma
Xenograft models: transplantation of skin and organs
Infection: RSV

Genetically Modified Organisms

Gene Knockouts Fc receptors FcgRI, FcgRIIb, FcR-g; tetraspanin TSSC6. CD37, Del/344, TSSC6/CD34, ,Interleukin GKO IL-10, IL-12, IL-18, Other CD1, PECAM NKT, Gal transferase, stat 6, IL-1 receptor antagonist, Rel10 MUC-1; Transgenics - human FcgRIIa; HLA A2; pig secretor; Va 14, TRAMP, Muc-1, R-Ova hi, Ksp/Cre, HEL,

Other Lab Members

Senior fellows
Dr Bruce Wines
Dr. Maree Powell
Pat Mottram
Dr Peck Szee Tan
Dr Angela Cendron
Bok Lim
Senior Research Assistants
Halina Trist
Soong Ling
Research assistant
Mae Yap
PhD Student Kerry Ko
Hons students Ineka

Other members with similar research interests

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