Dr Chowdhury Hasan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Biological Sciences
Monash University


Contract research opportunities

I am actively seeking a new position; please contact me if you have any openings.

Research Activities

My background is in infectious disease microbiology. In order to comprehend the molecular and evolutionary mechanisms of bacterial (ESKAPE) adaptations to different selection pressures caused by the host (within-host adaptation) as well as stresses caused by prescribed antibiotics, my research has consistently concentrated on several ESKAPE pathogens. To do this, I design experiments using microbial ecology (such as the co-evolution of several bacterial species) and conventional microbial pharmacodynamics assay to determine resistance levels in the evolved bacterial populations. The main aim of my research is to develop novel strategies for the management of drug-resistant ESCAPE pathogens in various clinical settings.


In vitro/vivo serial passage experiment using bacteria, Mouse experiment, Human Cell line culture and establishment of infections with Intra-/extra cellular bacterial pathogen, screening compounds, antibiotic susceptibility testing, PCR, qPCR, Growth rate assay, Competition assay, natural transformation assay, Gel electrophoresis, DNA/RNA extractions, Primer design, Next generation sequencing (NGS: library preparation to genome analysis), Targeted/Sangers sequencing, MIC assay (E-test, Broth micro-dilution and analysis based on EUCAST and CLSI breakpoints), Antimicrobial disk diffusion assay, Biofilm assay, Pyocyanin and Pyoverdine assay, Strain identification using VITEK system, MALDI TOF, Bactec, ELISA assay, Knockout mutant construction, RT-PCR, PFGE, Sequence analysis, liquid handling robots.

Disease Models

Lung respiratory infection using mouse model to study chronic CF infection caused by P. aeruginosa. In-vitro studies of AMR using the co-infection model of P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, and E. coli.

Genetically Modified Organisms

E. coli, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, K. pneumoniae

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