A/Prof Justin Boddey

Laboratory Head
Infection and Immunity Division
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


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NHMRC RD Wright Fellow

Research Activities

Our laboratory studies functional genomics of the human malaria parasite across the lifecycle, including the mosquito, liver and blood stages of infection. The laboratory has particular interest in protein trafficking, glycosylation,and parasite-host interactions during liver infection. The laboratory is developing antimalarials against host and parasite "targets" and pursuing pre-erythrocytic malaria vaccination. The laboratory is actively collaborating with Merck & Co. and the Wellcome Trust to develop a new class of antimalarials.


CRIPSR-Cas9 genetic manipulation of Plasmodium parasites and host cellsPhenotypic characterisation across the malaria parasite lifecycleCell and Molecular Biology
Standard Membrane Feeding Assays for gametocyte transmissionInfection with sporozoites by mosquito bites and i.v. injectionDrug efficacy against mosquito transmission, liver infection, blood infection using P. falciparum and
P. bergheiAssessment of vaccine efficacy against Plasmodium spp. in animal modelsHigh throughput screening


Merck & Co., West Point USA
The Wellcome Trust, UK
Norman Kneteman, University of Alberta
Chris Janse, Leiden University Medical Center
Stefan Kappe, Seattle Children's Research Institute
Dennis Kyle, University of Georgia
Boris Striepen, University of Pennsylvania
Eizo Takashima, Ehime University
Moritz Treeck, The Francis Crick Institute
Geoff McFadden, University of Melbourne
David Stroud, University of Melbourne
Joshua Heazlewood, University of Melbourne
Nichollas Scott, University of Melbourne
Brett Knowles, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
Vicky Avery, Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery
Tania de Koning-Ward, Deakin University
Marc Pellegrini, WEHI
Ethan Goddard-Borger, WEHI
Marco Herold
John Silke, WEHI
Ivo Mueller, WEHI
Brad Sleebs, WEHI
Alan Cowman, WEHI
Chris Tonkin, WEHI

Disease Models

P. falciparum insectary to study the full lifecycle of the human malaria parasite
P. falciparum to mosquito transmission
Infection of primary human liver tissue and organoids with P. falciparum sporozoites
Humanized mouse model of human liver stage malaria with P. falciparum sporozoites
P. berghei complete lifecycle to study functional genomics, drug efficacy, malaria immunity

Genetically Modified Organisms

Plasmodium spp.

Other Lab Members

Dr Ronan Mellin
Dr Ryan Steel
Lisa Verzier
Robyn McConville
Jelte Krol
Matthew O'Neill
Sash Lopaticki
Insectary Team: Julie Healer, Melissa Hobbs

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