Dr Louis Schofield

Laboratory Head
Infection and Immunity Division
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


Research Activities

Basic molecular mechanisms, activation and regulation of cellular immunity, humoral immunity, haematology, whole animal pathophysiology, case-control studies, longitudinal cohort studies, clinical trials, research translation and commercialization, vaccine development (subunit and live vaccines), etc


Innate and acquired cellular and humoral immunity in humans and animal models; human haematopoietic stem cells; animal models; synthetic carbohydrates/ glycoconjugates; case-control and longitudinal cohort studies; research translation and commercialization


Currently funded collaborations include:
1) NIH SBIR with Drs. Bill Christ, Stewart Campbell (Ancora) and Prof. John Barnwell (Centres for Disease Control) in pre-clinical trials of my malaria vaccine against anaemia endpoints.
2) NIH-funded with Prof. Peter Seeberger, Department of Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology (now Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich).
3) Grand Challenges for Global Health Program - Boosting innate immunity to treat infectious diseases' with Profs. Findlay (UBC), Dougan (Sanger), Falkow (Oxford), Jacobs (Einstein), Sansonetti (Pasteur), and Farrer (Wellcome).
4) The Gates Foundation IPTi trial with Drs. I. Mueller (PNGIMR) and J. Beeson (WEHI).
5) NHMRC/EU FP6 (, 406705) AGEMAL trial in Mozambiquan infants with Prof. Pedro Alonso (Barcelona).
6) EU-funded with Dr. Clara Menendez (Barcelona) FACS profiling and microarray analysis in a case control study of malarial anaemia in Mozambique to define cellular phenotypes and transcriptional profiles.
7) NHMRC , 516745 with Prof. Frank Christiansen, Drs. Campbell Witt (UWA) and Ivo Mueller (PNGIMR) on immunogenetics and immunological phenotypes in severe malaria case-control and longitudinal cohort studies.
8) NHMRC Program Grant with Prof. Alan Cowman (WEHI), Prof. Terry Speed (WEHI), Prof. Geoff McFadden (Uni. Melb), Prof. Brendan Crabb (Burnet), Dr. James Beeson (WEHI). Diverse activities.
9) Various longitudinal observational and time-to-reinfection cohorts in Mugil, and Albimana PNG with Dr Ivo Mueller (PNGIMR) and various national and international collaborators eg. Dr Chris King (Case-Western) funded by various sources including Cellex Corp., US Department of Veteran Affairs, NIH (to Dr. Mueller).
10) Development of a live attenuated blood-stage vaccine for malaria, funded by Grand Challenges Exploration, with Prof. Alan Cowman.
11) Development of a synthetic carbohydrate anti-toxic vaccine against malaria, with Dr. Stew Campbell (Ancora), funded by Grand Challenges Explorations.

Disease Models

Murine cerebral malaria, murine erythropoietic suppression, murine severe malarial anaemia, murine lactic acidosis
Collaboration with Drs. John Barnwell and Mary Galinski on simian malarias

Genetically Modified Organisms

Multiple genetically modified mouse lines, especially immunological mutants



Other Lab Members

Dr. Ariel Achtman
Dr. Krystal Evans
Dr. Ramin Mazhari
Dr. Sandra Pilat
Dr. Leanne Robinson
Dr. Danielle Stanisic
Cat Nie
Julia Cutts
Pradnya Gangatirkar
Amandine Carmagnac
Alan Yap
Lewis Murray
Victoria Ryg-Cornejo

Other members with similar research interests

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  • Feb 15

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  • Feb 15

    Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference 2023

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