Dr Nghia Truong

Group leader
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Monash University


Research Activities

My research aims to develop a paradigm-shifting gene delivery nanotechnology to effectively deliver nucleic acid vaccines to immune cells in the lymph nodes for achieving high antibody production efficiency. My goal is to make safe vaccines to combat seasonal influenza and future pandemic, as well as new effective cancer immunotherapies.


I have strong expertise in the synthesis of nanoparticles for targeted gene delivery. I have developed different methods to make nanoparticles with controlled size, shape, and surface properties for targeted delivery of siRNA, mRNA, pDNA to tumours, spleen and lymph nodes. This was achieved by overcoming many in-vivo gene delivery barriers.

Other members with similar research interests

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Upcoming Events

  • Nov 28

    50th ASI Annual Scientific Meeting

  • Nov 28

    50th ASI Annual Scientific Meeting