Prof Anna Walduck

Laboratory Head
Rural Health Research Institute
Charles Sturt University

Latest News

We are moving to Charles Sturt University!
 From December 2022 the Host Pathogen lab will be moving to CSU Orange Campus to join the Rural Health research Institute. Looking forward to new projects and continuing collaborations in Melbourne!

Research Activities

My group works on understanding the immune response to infection. We focus on bacterial infections and vaccine design and delivery. eg.: Helicobacter pylori, S. aureus, C. jejuni.


Mouse models of infection
 animal & human immunology
 flow cytometry


Assoc. Prof Damon Eisen (Victorian Infectious Disease Service), Dr Sukanya Raghavan (University of Gothenburg)
Dr Paul Ramsland
Prof Rob Moore

Disease Models

H. pylori mouse model, vaccination
vaccination models in mice using attenuated Salmonella
S. aureus sepsis
Infection models in Leptin deficient mice ( ob/bo & db/db)
 Immune responses to vaccination in poultry

Other Lab Members

Sulaimon Idowu
Daniel Sijmons

Research Images

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Upcoming Events

  • Feb 14

    Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference 2024

    Mantra Lorne MORE INFO
  • Feb 14

    Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference 2024

    Mantra Lorne MORE INFO