Dr Emily Edwards

Research Officer
Immunology & Pathology
Monash University


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Vice President, AusPIPS Inc.


1.       E.S.J. Edwards, J.J. Bosco, S. Ojaimi, R.E. O’Hehir, M.C. van Zelm. Beyond monogenetic rare variants: tackling the low rate of genetic diagnoses in predominantly antibody deficiency. Cell Mol Immunol 2020. In Press PMID: 32801365

2.       S.Ghosh*, S.K. Bal*, E.S.J. Edwards*, et al. Extended clinical and immunological phenotype and transplant outcome in CD27 and CD70 deficiency. Blood 2020; In Press. PMID: 32603431

3.       G.E. Hartley, E.S.J. Edwards, et al. Rapid generation of durable B cell memory to SARS-CoV-2 spike and nucleocapsid proteins in COVID-19 and convalescence. Science Immunology 2020.

Research Activities

Dr Edwards completed her BSc (Hons) from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (currently Cardiff Metropolitan University), UK. She then undertook her PhD in Immunology at Cardiff University, UK.
Dr Edwards is relocated to Australia in 2011 where she undertook a Post Doc in the Tumour Immunology Laboratory at QIMR Berghofer headed by Prof. Rajiv Khanna and subsequently in the Immunology and Immunodeficiency Laboratory at the Garvan Institute headed by Prof. Stuart Tangye.
Dr Edwards is an early career researcher, in the B-cell Differentiation Laboratory within the Department of Immunology and Pathology, at Monash University. During her career she has gained extensive expertise in examining human immune cell function (including B cells, NK cells, CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells) particularly in the context of antigen-specific immunity to CMV, EBV, influenza and SARS-CoV-2. Her research projects have focuses on the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying immune dysfunction in primary immunodeficient patients. Recent research focuses on identifying the genetic mutations underlying Predominantly antibody deficiency, and their subsequent impact on immune memory generation and function,


  1. Human B, T and NK cell culture
  2. Multiparameter flow cytometry - Immunophenotyping and functional analysis  (proliferation, cytokine production, cell death) of B, T and NK cells, identification of antigen-specific memory B and T cells, cell sorting
  3. Assessing cytokine and chemokine levels in plasma/serum and culture supernatents using CBAs and ELISAs
  4. Cloning, transfection and transduction
  5. DNA and RNA isolation, qPCR
  6. Generation of B-LCLs
  7. CMV and EBV virus production

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