Dr Julia Marchingo

Postdoctoral Fellow
Blood Cells and Blood Cancer Division
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


Research Activities

Investigating how signals and nutrient environment are integrated to reprogram the T cell proteome and transcriptome and control cell function during acute and chronic infections.


Mass Spectrometry / Proteomics
Cell signalling
Use of proliferation tracking dyes CFSE, CTV etc. to track lymphocyte proliferation and survival kinetics in vitro.  
Mathematical modelling (using the Cyton Model of lymphocyte proliferation) to interpret lymphocyte proliferation time course.  
Measuring T-lymphocyte expansion kinetics in influenza, Listeria and LCMV infection models.
Single cell live-cell tracking to directly measure lymphocyte division and death characteristics.

Disease Models

LCMV (Armstrong and docile)

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